Annual Wreath Sale

Our annual wreath sale begins October 5th and runs until December 11th. You can order and schedule delivery at any time, shipping is free until mid-December. Prices vary on wreath selection.

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Penguin Items for Sale

Various Penguin note cards  (Christmas, Thank You & Get Well)                       $2 each

Dog & Cat note card                                                                                   $2 each

Penguin scarf                                                                                             $ 5 each

Penguin bead key chain                                                                                $5 each

Book Mark                                                                                                  $ 7 each

Dough Top jar                                                                                            $ 6 each

(see pictures below)

Dough Top Jars

The GCAA has been selling dough topped jars for more than 20 years. They are just as much fun to make as they are to give. The jars are recycled and make a great gift exchange item for anyone. Each custom-made jar costs $6. If you are interested in purchasing a jar, please let us know through the Contact Us tab. Jars can be delivered within the Greater Cleveland area for no additional charge.

 If your interested in ordering any of the above items go to CONTACT US and send a request to our box.